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Helen Miliou

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Associate Professor, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Agricultural University of Athens

Dr Helen Miliou is a biologist (BSc 1981) with postgraduate studies in Hydrobiology (MSc 1984, PhD 1990). She is Associate Professor of Applied Hydrobiology and participates in the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate courses of the Department of Animal Science and Aquaculture of Agricultural University of Athens (AUA). She is the Director of the Laboratory of Applied Hydrobiology (LAH). She has published 44 scientific papers in international peer-reviewed scientific journals and 48 in Conference proceedings. She has been Scientific Supervisor of seven research projects and Coordinator in two of them. In the current period, Dr. H. Miliou is the Scientific Supervisor of the research carried out by the LAH (AUA) in the framework of two European projects. Her research interests are focused on: a) growth, biometry, metabolism, haematology, population dynamics, stress responses, chemical composition and fatty acid profile of aquatic organisms, b) sustainable aquaculture, c) quality of fishery and aquaculture products, d) welfare of cultured aquatic organisms, e)toxicity effects of pollutants on aquatic organisms.

Dimitra Kitsiou


Dimitra Kitsiou

Associate Professor Dimitra Kitsiou earned her B.Sc. in Physics (1991) and her M.Sc. in Radioelectronics and Telecommunications (1993) from the University of Athens, Greece. Her PhD research (1993-1997) in the Department of Environmental Studies, University of the Aegean, Greece focused on GeoInformatics with applications in the marine environment. She worked for 6 months at the University of Wales, College of Cardiff (UK) in the Department of Maritime Studies and International Transport (1995) with a scholarship from the Greek State Scholarship Foundation and for two years (1999-2000) as a post-doctoral researcher at CEFREM, University of Perpignan, France with a fellowship from the European Community, Marie Curie program ‘Training and Mobility of Researchers’, where she developed methodologies and a software for analyzing and visualizing data for the spatio-temporal study of particles in coastal zone. Since 2000 she works in the Department of Marine Sciences at the University of the Aegean, Greece where she teaches Geoinformatics with applications in the coastal environment. Her research interests focus on the development of methodologies for the assessment of water quality in coastal zone, of mapping techniques and of decision-making tools for supporting coastal management and marine spatial planning. She has participated in many national and international research projects and has offered her services as an international expert in the European Union and other international organizations.

Marilena Papageorgiou


Marilena Papageorgiou (PhD) is a Spatial Planning Consultant (Eng.), participating in spatial planning projects (urban and regional plans). She is also member of the Adjunct Faculty (Asst. Professor) in the Department of Planning and Regional Development (Eng.) at the University of Thessaly (Greece) and Tutor at the Hellenic Open University (MSc Tourism Administration).

She holds a Degree (Eng.) in Spatial Planning and Regional Development (School of Engineering, Volos, Greece) and a DESS (MSc) in Tourism, Culture and Local Development (Univ. of Avignon, France). She also holds a PhD Degree in Spatial Planning and Development from the University of Thessaly (Greece).

Professionally she has been involved with spatial, environmental and tourism planning as:  a) Scientific Advisor for Members of the Hellenic Parliament (2002-2009), b) Consultant (Eng.) in Spatial Planning Projects assigned by the Greek Planning Authorities (since 2010), c) Deputy Bureau Member of ISOCARP (International Society of City and Regional Planners) – Greek Section (since 2009), and d) Member of the Board of the Association of Greek Planners -SEPOX (since 2013).

Regarding her academic status, since 2008 she has been lecturing at the University of Thessaly in Greece (School of Engineering, DPRD) in undergraduate and postgraduate programs and has been a member of the Laboratory for Geographical Research and Environmental Planning (GREEN PLAN) of the same University, participating in several national and international (E.U., CoE, U.N., etc.) research projects. Her research interests mainly focus on: spatial planning (marine and terrestrial), environmental planning, tourism planning, planning for the protection of natural and cultural heritage.

She has published in Greek and international scientific journals, collective volumes, congress proceedings, etc. She is co-editor of the Collective Volume “Spatial and Environmental Planning in Greece and the Mediterranean” (847 pages, in Greek) and a reviewer in Greek and international scientific journals related to spatial planning issues.

She received an award for her published work “Networking underground archaeological and cultural sites: the case of the Athens Metro”, by ISoCaRP (International Society of City and Regional Planners).

Beyond her Greek (native speaker), her working languages are English and French. She can also communicate in Spanish.

Publications (indicative list)

-      Papageorgiou M. (2017), “Spatial planning in transition in Greece: a critical overview”, στοEuropean Planning Studies. Vol. 25(10), pp. 1818-1833.

-      Gemenetzi G. And Papageorgiou M. (2017), “Spatial and social aspects of the housing policies for refugees and immigrants in Greece: a critical overview”, in Social Science Review (pending publication). (in Greek)

-     Papageorgiou M. (2017), “Spatial tourism planning: the Greek experience”, in P. Tsartas and P. Lytras (eds), Tourism, Tourism Development: contributions of Greek scholras. Athens: Papazisis publications, pp.91-100. (in Greek)

-      Papageorgiou M. (2016), “Marine Spatial Planning and the Greek experience”, in Marine Policy, Vol.74, pp.18-24.

-      Papageorgiou M. (2016), “Coastal and marine tourism: a challenging factor in Marine Spatial Planning”, in Journal of Ocean and Coastal Management, Vol. 129, pp. 44-49.

-     Papageorgiou M. (2016), “Spatial planning in Marine Protected Areas in Greece”, in St. Kyvelou (ed.), Marine Spatial Affairs: marine dimension of territorial cohesion – Maritiem Spatial Planning – sustainable blue growth. Athens: Kritiki publications, pp. 147 – 158. (in Greek)

-      PapageorgiouM. (2015), “PlanningpracticesfortheprotectionofculturalheritageinGreece: lessonslearntfromtheGreek UNESCO sites”, in European Spatial Research and Policy, Vol 22(2), pp. 111-125.

-      Papageorgiou Μ. (2015), “Networking underground archaeological sites: The case of the Athens Metro”, in ISOCARP - ITACUS (eds), Think Deep: Planning Development and the Use of Underground space, pp. 54 - 71.

-      Papageorgiou M. (2015), “Spatial Planning Practice in Greece”, in J. Ryser and T. Franchini (eds), International Manual of Planning Practice, The Hague: ISOCARP, pp. 184 (in hard copy / short edition) and pp. 1375 – 1387 (in electronic / full edition).

-      Papageorgiou M. and Pozoukidou G. (2014), “The traditional setlements in Greece: spatial planning and protection issues”, in Geographies, Vol.24, pp.. 107 – 125. (in Greek)

-      Papageorgiou M. and Duquenne M.-N. (2012), “Transitional developments and spatial re-organization of spa tourism in Greece, in TOURISMOS: an international multidisciplinary journal of tourism, Vol 7(2): 279-297

-      Beriatos E. and Papageorgiou M. (2011), “Towards sustainable planning in the era of climate change: spatial policies for built-up areas in Greece”, in International Journal of Sustainable Development, Vol. 14 - Issue 1/2, pp. 112-121.

-      Papageorgiou M. (2010), “Towards new spatial planning patterns of spa tourism in Greece”, in Aeichoros, Issue 13, p.p. 62 – 93 (inGreek)

-      Beriatos E. and Papageorgiou M. (eds) (2010), Urbanism – Spatial and Environmental Planning in the 21st century: Greece – Mediterranean, Volos: University of Thessaly Press. P.847. (in Greek)

Fotis Kangelaris


Fotis Kangelaris is a Doctor of Psychopathology of the University of Paris. He has worked as a scientific researcher in the National Institute of Health and Medical Research of France. He has taught in the Universities of Paris and Athens. He has written scientific and philosophical books, texts for universities as well as literature. President of the «Society of Studies of Cultural Alterity», he has the biggest collection of ritual masks in the world, result of his travel search concerning the relation of psychopathology with anthropology. He has researched the psychoanalysis and the philosophy of the «Image» and the relation of Art with Psychopathology. He has given a lot of lectures and taken part in TV and radio programs. He has, also, participated in many congresses and collective editions. 



Professor Antoniy GALABOV is a distinguished member of the Scientific/Academic Council 

of the SDMED International Association. Please see full CV here

Konstantinos Kalkanis

Kostas Kalkanis

Dr. Konstantinos Kalkanis (M) holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (2002) and Master’s Degree in Advanced Manufacturing Technology (2003) from the University of Portsmouth. He was awarded his PhD from the National Technical University of Athens in 2009. The thesis involved strength of composite materials and health monitoring thereof. He has worked in the construction sector of public works, being responsible for project management of important infrastructure projects. Furthermore, he has participated in 10 European Union funded scientific programs, with the Greek counterpart being, the National Technological University of Athens and the Technological Institutions of Athens and Ionian Islands. The wide spectrum of tasks included but was not limited to the behavior of composites under fatigue loading, experimental and analytic approaches towards structural repairs, development of novel materials, smart structures via the incorporation of sensors, cure cycle examination and certification. Author and contributor of 11 published papers in International peer-reviewed journals, and responsible for numerous oral presentations in National and International Conferences. Elected member in the BoD Of the Hellenic Society for Nondestructive Testing from 01/01/09 to 31/12/15. Responsible of Public Relations and the connection of the NDT certification to the Greek educational system.

He has also engaged in activities related to Renewable Energy Sources (RES, promotion of sustainable construction and high environmental quality considered as policies for sustainable development to provide advice to individual local authorities in order to create their own ecological building systems tailored to local conditions. He has been involved actively in the design, formulation and implementation of programs and projects of environmental quality, enhancing and transfer the exchange of innovative techniques, processes, tools and implementation mechanisms of building structures by applying RES.