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Nikiforos Zambetakis


Nikiforos is senior researcher at the Strategic and Maritime Spatial Planning Lab of Panteion University ( led by Kyvelou) in Athens. Student at the Department of Economics and Regional Development of the School of Sciences of Economics and Public Administration of Panteion University, Nikiforos is also columnist in electronic media.
He speaks fluently English and French. He is member of the SDMED Observation, Planning and Eco-Innovation non-profit entreprise since 2017. He holds a position of representative at the students' club.

Eftyhia Dostoglou


Eftyhia Dostoglou is on the final year for her degree at the Geography Department of Harokopio University of Athens. She intends to specialize in Urban and Spatial Planning and is also interested in Sustainable Development. She has already studied at the department of Human Geography of Lund University in Sweden for a semester, via the Erasmus programme for student mobility.

She speaks English (C2) French (C2) and Spanish (B2). Among her interests she is involved in scouting and has participated in international scout events (Canada,Finland, Sweden).

Maria Papadaki


Maria Papadaki, graduated from Panteion University where she has studied Economics and Regional Development, she's currently attending the MBA in Applied Economics and Management  of the same University Department. She has been involved in sustainable development issues through university research. She works for  the informal  Strategic Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development Laboratory of the Department of Economic and Regional Development (ESPON2013 Contact Point) under the scientific responsibility of Ass. Professor Stella Kyvelou mainly as a member of the organizational support group for events and conferences of ESPON and joint events ESPON/SDMed Observation, Planning and Eco-innovation.

She was among the persons responsible of the organisation of the Transnational ESPON-on-the-RoadConference on "Blue growth" held in Piraeus, on November 2014.

Eirini-Aikaterini Barianaki

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Eirini-Aikaterini Barianaki is a student at the Department of Economics and Regional Development at Panteion University of Athens.She has been involved in researches on sustainable development especially for small islands. Additionally, she is part of the organization team of SDMed and ESPON2013 conferences.

She speaks English and German.

Anna Lamaj

anna Anna Lamaj studied Economics and Regional Development at Panteion University. Since 2003 she is engaged in research on sustainable urban development in the SDMed International Association and in the organisation of relevant seminars and conferences. Since 2013, she works for the scientific and organizational support of the Laboratory of Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development of the Department of Economics and Regional Development at Panteion University. The laboratory is also the  ESPON Contact Point in Greece and is directed by Dr Stella Kyvelou, Assistant Professor at the same Univeristy Department.

Anna followed an internship in the Economic Chamber of Greece, an Erasmus programme in Academia de Studii Economice din Bucuresti and she is a volunteer in many NGOs.

Leonidas Maroulis

Leonidas Maroulis graduated from the Economic and Regional Development of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences of Athens and is currently studying for Master Degree in Informatics at the University of Piraeus/Department of Informatics. Since 2011, he’s working as external collaborator for the ESPON Contact Point Laboratory ( under the supervision of Asst. Prof. Stella Kyvelou) for technical support and web development issues. He has also participated in the USESPON Project, working for the USESPON Virtual Learning Environment ( He has worked for 1 year for the Aratos Aratos Technologies S.A doing Android and Web Development. He is the web developer of the official SDMed webpage and he has developed smaller applications for the needs of SDMed Conferences and projects ( e.g ECHOPOLIS International 2013). He is currently working for CI Marketing & Web as a Php/ Developer.

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