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Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Management of Environmental Quality, An International Journal, Volume 17, Number 5 2006

"Sustainable Construction: action for sustainability in the Mediterranean region"
Editor : Prof. Walter Leal Filho
Guest Editors: Maria Sinou, Stella KyvelouTo buy : Please visit :www.emeraldinsight.com/meq.htm


International Journal of Sustainable Development

2011 Vol. 14 No. 1/2
Special Issue on Building Urban Resilience to Climate Change
Guest Editors: Professor Walter Leal Filho, Dr. Maro Sinou and Dr.Stella Kyvelou
9.2.3 ΑΣΤΙΚΗ ΓΕΩΓΡΑΦΙΑ Tim Hall, Urban Geography, in Greek, Editors : Stella Kyvelou, Lydia Dracaki, KRITIKI Publishers