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Stella KYVELOU,Architect-Engineer, PhD in Geography and Spatial Planning from the University Paris I-Panthéon-Sorbonne, is currently Associate Professor at the Department of Economics and Regional Development of the  University of Social and Political Sciences Panteion of Athens. She is specialising in european environmental policy (European Institute of Public Administration) and local development. Founder, together with Dominique Bidou, of the SD-Med Association since 2001 and formally since 2004. She also managed the ESPON 2013 (European Observation network for territorial development and cohesion ) Hellenic Contact Point. She has been visiting Assistant professor at the Department of Environmental Engineering of the Democritus University of Thrace (1996-2000) and  member of the Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis Unit of the Greek Ministry of Interior, Public Administration and Decentralisation (1988-2002). Author of several articles and books on spatial/urban and building sustainability, on territorial cohesion in Europe and on maritime spatial planning.

She is director of the Strategic and Maritime Spatial Planning and Sustainable development Laboratory at Panteion University.

Home Address: 7 Pinotsi street, Athens 11741, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Her recent book on strategic spatial planning and territorial cohesion in Europe has been published by KRITIKI Editions in 2010  

In 2011, she has received the award of "Chevalier à l'ordre de Palmes Académiques" by the French Government.     

Recent publications :
  • [1] Kyvelou S. (ed.), "Maritime spatial issues : maritime dimension of territorial cohesion, maritime spatial planning, sustainable blue growth", ed.KRITIKI, Athens, 2016 ( in greek)
  • [2] Kyvelou S., "From spatial planning to spatial management : the concepts of strategic spatial planning and territorial cohesion in Europe" Ed.KRITIKI, Athens, 2010  (in greek)
  • [3] Kyvelou, S. and Bidou, D. (2008) ‘Quartiers durables, éco-quartiers, écopolis: quells enjeux en Europe?', International SB08MED Conference Proceedings the Mediterranean City Facing Climate Change: Innovation, Investment, Governance for a Low-carbon City, Athens.
  • [4] Kyvelou S.,Sapounaki-Dracaki L., Papadopoulos A., «Eco-quartiers en  Europe : leçons obtenues des pays du Nord, perspectives et politiques dans les pays de l'Europe du Sud», oral pre-sentation at the 10th International EAUH Conference, Gand, August-September 2010
  • [5] Kyvelou S., Papadopoulos T., "Exploring a South-European eco-neighbourhood model: planning forms, constraints of implementation and emerging resilience practices" International Journal of Sustainable Development, Vol. 14, Nos. 1/2, 2011, p.77-94
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  • [11]KYVELOU, Stella and CHIOTINIS, Nikitas, (2013), LA POLITIQUE REGIONALE ET LA DEMOCRATISATION DE L’EUROPE: LA LUTTE A LA CORDE EUROPEENNE, Géographies, Géopolitiques et Géostratégies Régionales, I, issue 1, p. 89-96,
  • [12]Stella Kyvelou, Nektaria Marava, Simos Retalis and Ioanna Pothitaki (2013) : An innovative educational tool in disseminating the ESPON knowledge widely: Evaluation and perspectives, Second ESPON 2013 Scientific Report, Science in support of European Territorial Development and Cohesion, December 2013
  • [13]Stella Kyvelou, Christos Floros (2013): Building sustainability through integrated design process : Balancing acoustic comfort with energy performance, air quality and fire protection in buildings, ECHOPOLIS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Proceeedings, Athens, October 2013
  • [14] Stella Kyvelou, Maria Sinou, Isabelle Baer and Toni Papadopoulos (2012). Developing a South-European Eco-Quarter Design and Assessment Tool Based on the Concept of Territorial Capital, Sustainable Development – Authoritative and Leading Edge Content for Environmental Management, Sime Curkovic (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-51-0682-1, InTech
  • [15] Kyvelou, Stella, Marava, Nektaria and Chiotinis, Nikitas, (2014), LA DIMENSION MARITIME DE LA COHÉSION TERRITORIALE ET SA PORTÉE GÉOPOLITIQUE EN MÉDITERRANÉE DE SUD-EST, Géographies, Géopolitiques et Géostratégies Régionales, II, issue 1, p. 69-86.

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