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Approach and context of the event


APPROACHES AND CHALLENGES: emphasis on the administrative capacity and culture, serving the cohesion

Following the adoption by the European Commission of the EU Green Paper on territorial cohesion, on October 6, 2008, under the French Presidency, the 2nd Franco-Hellenic meeting carried by SDMed will focus on the Mediterranean dimension of European territorial cohesion. Consider an angle territorial cohesion can focus on themes such as sustainable development and access to services, and to emphasize the fact that many issues are not confined to administrative boundaries and may require a coordinated response several regions or countries, while others must be addressed on a local or neighborhood. In this context, the University of Social and Political Sciences Panteion University Forum and the SDMed Association in cooperation with the Embassy of France and the French Institute of Athens organize a symposium where experts, researchers, NGOs, local government representatives and civil society are invited to engage in public dialogue, to formulate a "Mediterranean response" to the Green Paper, which response and consider the unique geography of the region - coastal, mountainous and island ecosystems - but also evoke any cultural dimension.


Key issues for the Round Table I: What is  "territorial cohesion"? - What are the policy instruments? -To which European territorial model? What place for the Mediterranean? - What future for cohesion policy? The balance of the French presidency and the issues related to the Mediterranean? - How to act, how to redirect territorial cohesion in times of crisis? Prospects for a sustainable cohesion policy?


Key issues for the Round Table II: What is the impact of the information society in the architecture of European territory? - What challenges for the Mediterranean, in a digital world? - How to ensure access for all European citizens to digital technologies and what are the spatial effects? -By what means ensuring access for remote areas (islands, mountains ..) and thus enhance the territorial cohesion? - What are the operational tools to operate the digital in favor of territorial equity


Key issues for the Round Table IV: What definition of territory? According to the politico-administrative vocabulary? What definition of cohesion? According to economists visions? And what do we do in times of crisis and recession? The question of territorial solidarity based on the dimension of identity / cultural. A taboo subject? What are the scales of territorial cohesion based on cultural? Do we need a new European architecture? What place for the Mediterranean? Is culture the basis for building value territorial cohesion in the Mediterranean?