Marilena Papageorgiou


Marilena Papageorgiou (PhD) is a Spatial Planning Consultant (Eng.), participating in spatial planning projects (urban and regional plans). She is also member of the Adjunct Faculty (Asst. Professor) in the Department of Planning and Regional Development (Eng.) at the University of Thessaly (Greece) and Tutor at the Hellenic Open University (MSc Tourism Administration).

She holds a Degree (Eng.) in Spatial Planning and Regional Development (School of Engineering, Volos, Greece) and a DESS (MSc) in Tourism, Culture and Local Development (Univ. of Avignon, France). She also holds a PhD Degree in Spatial Planning and Development from the University of Thessaly (Greece).

Professionally she has been involved with spatial, environmental and tourism planning as:  a) Scientific Advisor for Members of the Hellenic Parliament (2002-2009), b) Consultant (Eng.) in Spatial Planning Projects assigned by the Greek Planning Authorities (since 2010), c) Deputy Bureau Member of ISOCARP (International Society of City and Regional Planners) – Greek Section (since 2009), and d) Member of the Board of the Association of Greek Planners -SEPOX (since 2013).

Regarding her academic status, since 2008 she has been lecturing at the University of Thessaly in Greece (School of Engineering, DPRD) in undergraduate and postgraduate programs and has been a member of the Laboratory for Geographical Research and Environmental Planning (GREEN PLAN) of the same University, participating in several national and international (E.U., CoE, U.N., etc.) research projects. Her research interests mainly focus on: spatial planning (marine and terrestrial), environmental planning, tourism planning, planning for the protection of natural and cultural heritage.

She has published in Greek and international scientific journals, collective volumes, congress proceedings, etc. She is co-editor of the Collective Volume “Spatial and Environmental Planning in Greece and the Mediterranean” (847 pages, in Greek) and a reviewer in Greek and international scientific journals related to spatial planning issues.

She received an award for her published work “Networking underground archaeological and cultural sites: the case of the Athens Metro”, by ISoCaRP (International Society of City and Regional Planners).

Beyond her Greek (native speaker), her working languages are English and French. She can also communicate in Spanish.

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