Konstantinos Kalkanis

Kostas Kalkanis

Dr. Konstantinos Kalkanis (M) holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (2002) and Master’s Degree in Advanced Manufacturing Technology (2003) from the University of Portsmouth. He was awarded his PhD from the National Technical University of Athens in 2009. The thesis involved strength of composite materials and health monitoring thereof. He has worked in the construction sector of public works, being responsible for project management of important infrastructure projects. Furthermore, he has participated in 10 European Union funded scientific programs, with the Greek counterpart being, the National Technological University of Athens and the Technological Institutions of Athens and Ionian Islands. The wide spectrum of tasks included but was not limited to the behavior of composites under fatigue loading, experimental and analytic approaches towards structural repairs, development of novel materials, smart structures via the incorporation of sensors, cure cycle examination and certification. Author and contributor of 11 published papers in International peer-reviewed journals, and responsible for numerous oral presentations in National and International Conferences. Elected member in the BoD Of the Hellenic Society for Nondestructive Testing from 01/01/09 to 31/12/15. Responsible of Public Relations and the connection of the NDT certification to the Greek educational system.

He has also engaged in activities related to Renewable Energy Sources (RES, promotion of sustainable construction and high environmental quality considered as policies for sustainable development to provide advice to individual local authorities in order to create their own ecological building systems tailored to local conditions. He has been involved actively in the design, formulation and implementation of programs and projects of environmental quality, enhancing and transfer the exchange of innovative techniques, processes, tools and implementation mechanisms of building structures by applying RES.