Christos Floros



  1. Architect N.T.U.A. 1973 and Health Facility Planner UNL, London, 1975.
  2. He founded his architectural studio in Athens in 1977. His built architectural projects include hospitals, university buildings, research laboratories, museums, cultural buildings, commercial buildings, housing etc. Several of the above projects have been presented in architectural magazines.
  3. Awarded 10 prizes in Architectural Competitions.
  4. Member of the National Committee that created the Greek Building Regulations.
  5. Author of three books. He has published 42 papers.


Academic activities:

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Patras, Department of Architecture, Advanced Building Design Studio, 2007 – 2011.
  • Member of the Research Staff of the Medical Architecture Research Unit, London, 1976-77.
  • Scientific collaborator at the N.T.U.A. and at the University of Thessaloniki, 1973-76.
  • Lectures in Inter-Departmental Postgraduate Courses of N.T.U.A., School of Medicine-University of Athens, Harokopio University of Athens and in several postgraduate seminars for architects, engineers and other scientists, 1990 - 2012.


Eco project:

    He is the author of the book “The Ecological Goal in Developmental Policy and in Regional Planning”, Athens, 1973.

    Publications – Lectures – Papers:

  • Presentation of ecological topics in his radio broadcasting "Architecture Extraversion" in
  • “Updating architecture under the threat of climate change”, lecture in Eugenides Foundation, Athens, 10-2-2011 - Presented in the Greek National Radio, on 4-2-2011
  • “Updating architecture under the threat of climate change”, lecture at the Five-State Symposium on Low Carbon and Energy Conservation, in Beijing, September 2010
  •  “Greek Traditional Bioclimatic Architecture”. Paper at the 1st Greek – Chinese Forum on the environment, Athens, 3-12-2009.
  • “Anti-heat provisions in buildings and their surrounding environment”, lecture at Athens Summit 2008 – The Challenge of Change, Session 3B: Applied Environmental Action at 3 levels, 05-05-08.
  • “Heatwave: the new threat of Greece. Addressing the problem in large cities in terms of construction of buildings and landscape of their sites”, lecture at The Greek Society, Athens, 27-03-08.
  • “The Ecological Cost of Housing”. Paper at the 5th Balkan Conference of UIA, Nicosia, 1976.
  • "An Ecological Approach to Regional Planning", ΤΕΧΝΙΚΑ ΧΡΟΝΙΚΑ, Official Publication of the Technical Chamber of Greece, 4-1974, Athens.

    Rapporteur of article 23 and other provisions with ecological character of the Greek Building Regulations.

    Ecological principles and bioclimatic design are applied in most of his projects.