Charles Le Coeur

Short Bio for Prof.Charles Le Coeur
Born in 1948, agregation of geography 1972. Professor in the Department of Geography, University of Paris I-Panthéon-
Sorbonne. Director of the Laboratory of Physical Geography ( CNRS Meudon) since 2000.

  • Research :

After a PhD thesis on the geomorphology of the Mourne Mountains (Northern Ireland) and a thèse d'Etat on the landscape
evolution of the Inner Hebrides (Scotland), my research subjects has widen toward the uneven responses to environmental - Studies are undertaken on impact of climatic change on mountain slope processes ( Alps and NW Europe) ; - one research program is focuses on responses to change in river use (derelict dam and levee, water mills,... ) and evolution of river management (heritage, environment, hazard) on N France river systems ; - Urban environment as major change in natural dynamics, as social representations, and as management stake. Major questions are set on local response to global or regional change (climatic effects or social land use effects. Environmental management and political decision.

  • Teaching :

- Physical geography as a study of natural dynamics changing in conjunction to changing social activities.
- Environment and geopolitics pointing out : the use of natural questions as metaphoric topic for political debate ; the part of
image as a tool for lobbying in environment ; the intrusion of environmental questions into political discussions at different scale
(local, national, international) ; the evolution of major environmental questions (local to global) within last 30 years ; the direct
and indirect effects of public policy on environment.  

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