705044 528475957163658 678584734 oPROFESSOR GRAHAM GARBUTT


B.Sc., B.Arch., M.A.




2009-2011: Visiting Professor of Governance and Development, University of the West of England.

  • UK representative and past president of the European Association of State Territorial Representatives (regional prefects, governors, queen’s commissioners, etc.).
  • UK representative, EUROPA universities network. Presentations and seminars on governance, constitutional and policy issues.
  • Work with OECD including advisor on national and regional governance to the recent Territorial Review of Chile; presentations to ministers and officials.
  • Work with Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA) in Strasbourg including induction for new students on legislative and constitutional arrangements.
  • Training for Whitehall civil servants on central/local relations.
  • Independent chairman of Cheltenham Development Task Force in south-west England, a partnership of statutory and other bodies.
  • Independent chairman of Inquiry into failure of Cotswold Water Park and associated criminal activity.
  • Work with individual European countries, for example security issues in Norway and regional development in Finland.

2005-2009: Chief Executive, Countryside Agency and Commission for Rural Communities, London and Cheltenham.

  • Senior national official providing advice to government (Environment Department and others) on sustainable rural communities.
  • Created successful new national government agency. Negotiation and advice on new legislation and briefings to ministers and officials. Accounting officer with full audit and risk responsibilities.
  • Presentation and advocacy of policy change up to Cabinet level, and development of effective external communication/media strategy.
  • National interventions to ensure effective responses to emergencies including flooding and animal diseases.
  • Leading role in EU Rural Development Programme for England and development of structures for implementation and community involvement.
  • Chairing of, and speeches and presentations to, national and international conferences and seminars.
  • Personal leadership to build ‘new consensus’ on English land-use planning and sustainable development policy across national agencies.

2001-2005: Regional Director, Government Office for the West Midlands, Office of Deputy Prime Minister, Birmingham and London

  • Senior civil servant in charge of one of nine regional Government Offices in England, serving a population of 5.3 million with programmes across ten government departments. Annual budgets of about £1bn and European programmes of £950m. Advising, briefing and accompanying ministers, European commissioners, etc.
  • Leading government official in development of regional spatial strategy and regional housing strategy, based on principles of sustainable development. Close cooperation with local authorities, environmental organisations, voluntary sector, etc.
  • Set up and chaired the Regional Resilience Forum comprising armed forces, police and other emergency services, local government, voluntary organisations, media, etc. Management of major training exercises.
  • Personal interventions in specific crises to integrate government and EU support.
  • Managed UK’s largest European Objective 2 programme, with best national performance and major regeneration impacts.
  • Support to governments in Hungary and Romania on management and capacity building, including presentations, staff secondments, etc.
  • Successful interventions to improve local government performance; most improved region.
  • National lead role for Government Offices with HM Treasury and universities.

1990-2001: Chief Executive, Gloucester City Council

  • Executive head of successful city local authority with awards and citations across service areas.
  • Initiated improvements to emergency and resilience arrangements and led response to local crises, e.g. floods, industrial explosion, etc. Management of financial, media and other impacts.
  • Initiated urban regeneration strategy and a number of successful sustainable development projects including regeneration of historic docks and other sites.
  • Initiated work with universities and colleges to develop new campuses and research partnerships.
  • Initiated community and economic development programmes.


  • Director, Canning Town and Custom House Project, Newham, east London
  • Policy and Programmes Coordinator, London Borough of Hackney
  • Housing Renewal Coordinator, London Borough of Haringey
  • Visiting Lecturer, Urban Policy and Regeneration, AA Graduate School, London
  • Founding Chair, Bondway Housing Association, Vauxhall, London
  • Housing and Planning consultant, Nigeria
  • Tutor in Urban Design, University of Sheffield
  • Planning Assistant, Peak Park Planning Board


  • M.A. Town and Regional Planning, University of Sheffield,1974
  • B.Sc.; B.Arch.(First Class Honours), University of Bath, 1972
  • Civil Service Top Management Programme, 2004